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Farm Bremen no. 4 is situated on the A1 – A15 (C10) road, 31km north-west of the B1. Bremen and some farms in this part of Namibia have German city names like Lübeck, Frankfurt etc. The fable of the Bremen musicians, written by the Grimm brothers, is part of the history of Bremen. Before 1937 this arid land with its awesome loneliness belonged to the government of the old “Duits Suidwes-Afrika” and was reckoned not to be suitable for farming because of its scarcity of water.

During good rainy seasons, farmers got grazing licences and in 1937 Mr. G.F.F. de Wet rented the land which became farm Bremen.
Mr. de Wet found good water and later on farmed with 2000 head of karakul sheep and cattle.
Behind the homestead is the Bontberg mountain. This is a rare geological phenomenon. Prof. Blignaut of UCT did plenty of research on the Bontberg Complex at Bremen. Fossils can also be seen.

However the main attraction you will experience is the freedom to be alone with your own thoughts, to breath clean air and take in the beauty of the apricot and purple colours with sunrise and sunset on 13347 ha of your own.

Here you will discover that you have found yourself and that you are unique.


Come on a discovery with me and get to know and love Namibia with its many different landscapes, people and animals! Hardly any other country offers as much variety as Namibia. In my individually guided tours of small groups of 2 to 6 people, we come very close to this fascinating landscape and the numerous wildlife. A proposal for a fantastic tour with exclusive accommodation and many highlights of Namibia can be found here on my website.
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Whether fascinating desert landscapes, the Fish River Canyon in the South, the Caprivi Strip in the north-east or the rugged west coast with a visit to the largest seal colony in the world; I am happy to put together an individual round trip according to your wishes!

I look forward to putting together a trip to your liking and traveling with you through Namibia! Stephan
The execution of your trip is guaranteed.`

Prices are available on request.


Southern Namibia is well known for its natural attractions and fascinating landscapes, like the Fish River Canyon, Ais Ais Hot Water Springs, Hobas Look-Out point and the majestic Orange River, just to name a few…



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